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Welcome to the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) online application system.

The mission of the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission is to maintain and enhance the quality of forensic science education through a formal evaluation and accreditation system for college-level academic programs that lead to a baccalaureate or graduate degree.


FEPAC accredits forensic science education programs that lead to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in forensic science or in a natural or computer science with a forensic science concentration.
An eligible forensic science program must be located in a regionally accredited institution of higher education that requires state, province, or equivalent approval.

Forensic science programs outside the United States are also eligible if they do not have an established forensic science education accreditation system in their jurisdiction.


Ongoing information conveyed through the online application and self-study system is confidential and accessible to only the user/institution, the FEPAC Commission, and its designees (i.e. On-Site Evaluation Team, FEPAC Administrative Assessment Team).  Use this link to view the FEPAC Accreditation Decision History.


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  Application to be an On-Site Evaluator
  On-Site Evaluator Conflict of Interest
  Commissioner Conflict of Interest
  On-Site Evaluator Ethics and Professionalism
  On-Site Evaluator Survey
  Program Post On-Site Visit Survey



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